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Food Enzymes.

Present in plants, animals and microorganisms, enzymes are proteins that function as catalysts for the thousands of chemical reactions that take place in all living cells. These natural substances are ideal for use in the modern food industry.

By adding modern biotechnology and knowledge, we can not only mimic the natural enzymatic process but also speed it up. The result is enzymes that are as they would appear in nature and, yet, with an accelerating effect that contributes value-adding, previously unattainable functionalities to food products.

How our enzymes can help you
DuPont™ Danisco® food enzymes help the food industry to improve freshness, optimize production, add texture, ensure quality consistency and reduce costs – gains that enable our customers to reduce their water and energy consumption and waste.

Bakery enzymes

Gain more control over the bakery process – and obtain better bread product even with poor grain quality.

Key benefits:

  • Uniform flour performance
  • High dough stability
  • Improved freshness
  • Excellent crumb structure, volume and visual appeal
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Dairy enzymes

Dairy enzymes can improve freshness in cheese, digest liquid milk and reduce whey bitterness.
UHT processors can also use our innovative range to prevent fouling in UHT units, maximizing uptime and reducing the use of expensive cleaning agents.

Key benefits:

  • Texture and flavour formation
  • Improved freshness
  • Reduced whey bitterness
  • Trouble-free UHT processing
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DuPontTM Danisco® Lactase

With 70% of the world’s population unable to tolerate lactose, it’s hardly surprising that the trend towards healthier food has brought a growing demand for lactose-free dairy products. It also complies with the growing demand for sugar and calorie reduced products.

Key benefits:

  • Opportunities for lactose-free line extensions
  • No capital investment required
  • Improved profit margin
  • Meet the demand for sugar and calorie reduced dairy products
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FoodPro® Cleanline

This specialized enzyme offers dairy producers a unique opportunity to optimize production processes and add health advantages to their products.

Key benefits:

  • Reduced fouling of UHT equipment
  • Increased production capacity
  • Less free cholesterol
  • Reduced creaming
  • Easier cleaning with reduced consumption of cleaning chemicals
  • Improved emulsion stability
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Remember to always check South African legislation to make sure the ingredient is permitted in your final product and how it should be labelled.